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Tempus Watch Winders

Tempus Watch Winder

Tempus Watch Winders are Superior quality and extremely well desinged. So what is a Tempus Watch Winder?

A Watch Winder is a mechanical solution to keeping an Automatic (self winding) watch going when its not being worn for more than a few days.

The gentle Rotation movement simulates the action of the watch being worn, which winds the spring inside the watch. This allows the watch to maintain power even if it was not worn for a few months. No more Resetting the time Every time you want to wear it!

The theory is if your watch is well lubricated (as it should always be) then it is near impossible for it to add wear to the movement inside. If your watch sits around not running it will do more harm than good. Opening and closing the crown seals to set the time every time you want to wear it will add wear to the seals. 

People often ask why do I need a Tempus Watch Winder, in truth if you have only one watch and wear it virtually everday then you do not. But if like most of the Watch Collectors out there you have 4 or 5 watches (at least) then you really do need a Watch Winder. Its mainly for convenience ofcourse, but then are most things we buy aimed at making our life simpler and easier?

Our Watch Winders are Suitable for All Automatic watches, are very quiet running, Superb Quality and Reliability.

We hope you find something you like, there is a Great Selection available. Buy your Tempus Watch Winder online Today